About Library

About the Library

            Contemporarily and relevance are the watchwords at the BIPARD and this philosophy is reflected in its well-equipped, modern and computerized library. Since its inception, the library has grown to become a vital part of the academy. It offers a wide range of books and periodicals on different yet related subjects. Trained, professionally qualified and service oriented staff is always eager to help you reach the document you want.



            The library is situated in a very strategic place, close to all the class rooms. It is in the main building, surrounded by beautiful lawns and gardens. The indoor plants within the library give you a feeling of closeness to nature, just as the books bring you close to the great minds of all ages.


Study Room

            An air-conditioned study room, which can quite easily accommodate about 35-40 persons, creates an apt environment for concentrated and in-depth reading and study in the library. Besides this, there is a general reading and study hall where one can comfortably browse through newspapers and magazines. This atrium accommodates more than 30 persons at a time, while the large windows bathe the hall in natural light.



            The library possesses volumes on different subjects like Public Administration, Rural Development, Management, Gender Issues, Computers, Public Finance, Urban Studies, Disaster Management, Environment, Social Studies, Education, and Agriculture. A wide range of reference books on the various facets of art, culture and traditions of Bihar, education and other developmental issues enable the library staff to provide an exhaustive reference service to our users.

            In order to keep the user abreast of emerging areas of knowledge, the BIPARD Library subscribes to many journals on topics of immediate interest to its readers. These include some foreign journals of varied interests. List of Books

Non Print Media

Ever since the dawn of the information age, most documentation and reference material has become available on electronic media like Video Cassettes, CDs etc.


Repository Library

            Government of Bihar has designated BIPARD library as Repository Library for their publications. The work for collection of documents is in progress.